Grow as a supplier with Bazaar Industrial

Sell to more customers nationwide with a dedicated sales team

Trusted suppliers
Orders dispatched

Extensive customer base

Reach 500+ manufacturers across Pakistan 

Strong distribution infrastructure

Warehousing and logistics footprint across 15+ cities.

Better market intelligence

Tech infused platform for simplifying sourcing and aftersales.

Our suppliers

Collaborating with industry-leading suppliers to deliver unparalleled quality


Hear from our partners about the trust and value Bazaar Industrial brings

  • “Our collaboration with Bazaar Industrial, powered by technology, excels in conquering industry challenges. Transparency and mutual growth define our partnership”
    Mustafa Khan - Director Sales and Marketing, ISL
  • “Bazaar Industrial is an industry leader, distinguished by exceptional customer service, and a robust global presence. Personalized consultations, tailored solutions, and a dedicated team drive steady growth and expansion”
    Mr. Liao - CEO, Boom Industry
  • “A perfect partnership with a dynamic team, market agility, and shared commitment for a promising future”
    Bilal Ghori - Director, Matco Foods
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